Spell cards are one of the most important Card Types in the Game. They make up the bulk of actions, on and off the battlefield.

Spell Cards: The BasicsEdit

None of your creatures have special Abilities? Backed up against the wall with nothing but a lowly Snail at your side? This is where Spell cards make their big performance. These cards are characterized by a Lime Green Potion in the top-left corner of the card, next to the card's name. Spells range from attacking the enemy creatures, to healing your own and sometimes even poisoning or stunning enemies! Each Spell Card has three Action Boxes; 2 one on top of the other, for basic Attacks or Abilities, and a larger box to the side. This is where any extra powers, such as poisoning, adding to a Stat, or other such things are written.

Using Spell CardsEdit

BOXES 1 & 2: Basic Actions

To use a spell card, place it from your hand face-up in your Graveyard pile. Then, look at those first two Action Boxes. The top one will tell you what the Spell's base Ability is (Strength, Health or Defense). Now, it gets a little complicated here:

HEALTH: If the symbol in the box is a red heart, add whatever the number is in the box below to any Creature's Health (yes, even your opponent's, if you feel like you're so awesome you're cheating).

STRENGTH: If the symbol is a green fist, then take off whatever number is in the box below from any Creature's Health. BUT, If the number is, for example, +1, then you add that much to any Creature's Strength value.

DEFENSE: If the symbol is a blue shield, add whatever number is in the box below to any Creature's Defense value.

BOX 3: Advanced Abilities

This box is where things can get very tricky. Here you may find almost any ability you could find on a Creature card, plus some more, OR you may find nothing at all. Refer to the Official Rules and to the Creatures pages for most of the information about this box. Some of the things that may appear here include:

Poison Effect: Take Health from a creature in small amounts over a period of time.

Stun Effect: Stun the other player's creatures and gain another turn.

Necromancer: On a few very rare cards, you are given the ability to return cards from the Graveyard to your hand.