Trap Cards, or Traps, are supporting Cards in a battle of Adventure Realms.

Trap Cards: The BasicsEdit

Traps play supporting but major roles in Adventure Realms battles. They can be used strategically to deal damage to the opponent, surprise them with Stun and Freeze Effects, or drain the stats of your enemy's Creatures. All Trap Cards have one of three special conditions that tell you when you can play that Card: Your Turn, Opponent's Turn, and Any Turn. Each one of these can be utilized by a smart player to be very dangerous and surprising, sometimes changing the course of a battle entirely.


Playing Trap Cards:

The moment you draw a Trap Card into your hand, you may immediately place it facedown onto the battlefield. However, you can only have up to 3 facedown Trap Cards on the field at once; if you want to put down another once you already have 3 down, you'll have to sacrifice one of the existing ones to make room for the new one. Even though they can be placed on the field at any time, every Trap Card has special conditions that tell you when you can flip it face-up and activate it's abilities:

Your Turn: The Trap Card can only be played on your own turn, like regular Spell Cards.

Opponent's Turn: The Trap Card can only be played while your opponent is currently playing cards.

Any Turn: The Trap Card can be played at any time, whether it is you or your opponent's turn.

Once these conditions are met, you can 'activate' the Trap by flipping it face-up. There is no limit to how many Traps you can activate in a given turn. Once a Card is activated, you will see two boxes (three including the Conditions Box). These function identically to Spell Cards ; One will usually deal damage or drain stats, while the second will sometimes include an ability like Ongoing Effects or a Paralysis Effect. Use these abilities like you would for a Spell Card. After activating and using the abilities of a Trap, place it in the Discard Pile.

Other Notes:

While Trap Cards are quite similar to Spell Cards , there are two major differences: the first is the limitation on when they can be played, explained before, and the second is the ability to place them facedown on the board indefinitely. While Spell Cards can either be kept or played while in the hand, you still have to get rid of them (either by discarding or using them) once you want to put more Cards in your hand. On the contrary, Trap Cards can be taken out of the hand and put onto the board indefinitely, at the same time freeing up space in your hand for more cards and being ready to be used whenever the Conditions are met. This, coupled with the fact that there is no limit on how many Traps can be activated per turn, means that with a full hand of Traps and 3 Traps already on the field, you can activate as many as 8 traps in a single go, potentially devastating the opponent without any time to prepare.