The August 7th, 2013 Update released a new card pack, focusing mainly around insect-like creatures and the newly-released Mech Kingdom. It contained 13 Creature Cards, 2 Trap Cards, 1 Spell Card and one new Realm Card, for a total 17 new Cards.


-Dark One (Moon Creature)

-Death Tome (Terrus Creature)

-Fire Beetle (Ember Creature)

-Firefly (Ember Creature)

-Ice Spirit (Aqua Creature)

-Pinch Beetle (Mech Creature)

-Sea Serpent (Aqua Creature)

-Slime Beetle (Terrus Creature)

-Spy Drone (Mech Creature)

-Stalker (Terrus Creature)

-Steel Crab (Mech Creature)

-Storm Vine (Storm Creature)

-Swarm (Storm Creature)

-Nightmare (Trap)

-The Internet (Trap)

-Gnome (Spell)

-Gear Land (Realm)